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Activities on the île de Ré

A trip rich in all sorts of leisure activities

You’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do on your trip to the Île de Ré. You can unwind on land, on sea or in the air, with incredible sensations guaranteed. Plus, don’t forget to sample the many gourmet delights along Saint-Martin’s streets.

With cycling, horse-riding, kayaking, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, jet skiing, surfing, boat trips and massages, the Île de Ré is a must-visit destination! 

Les Papas Confituriers
A short stroll from La Maison Douce, visit Les Papas Confituriers. A family business producing artisan jam, the boutique offers a wide array of flavours. You’ll fall under the spell the moment you catch a scent of the delectably fruity aromas from the copper pans while passing by.

Pura Vida
Combining a variety of relaxation massage traditions, Angelina is on hand to help you destress at La Maison Douce. During your stay, enjoy a spot of wellness with Swedish, Californian and Aruyvedic massages all on offer.

Cyclo Surf
Renting a bike is definitely the best way to discover the superb landscapes of the Île de Ré and its remarkable historical heritage. Enjoy more than 100 kilometres of cycle paths that criss-cross salt marshes, the ports, and the narrow streets of the sun-kissed villages.

Ré Tuk Tuk
Ré Tuk Tuk is another way to discover the island. Whether you’re with family or with friends, discover the authentic side to the Île de Ré aboard the only green, open and silent vehicle capable of transporting up to 6 people to the heart of the salt marshes.

Atlantic Gyropode
Learning to use a Segway® with Atlantic Gyropode is surprisingly easy! Simple to use, the Segway® doesn’t require any particular skill or knowledge. If you know how to walk, you’ll get how to use a Segway®!

Surf'In Ré
SURF’IN RÉ, the Île de Ré’s surf school, offers tailor-made support depending on your level and the weather conditions. It welcomes surfers of all levels from the age of 6 upwards, from beginners to advanced surfers.

Ecume de Ré
Ecume de Ré offers a variety of activities, including sea fishing aboard a Rhéa 900 boat, boat rental without skipper, and towed activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing.

Dream'on Catamaran
Climb aboard a catamaran for magnificent rides at sea from the port in Saint-Martin. This citadel built by Louis XIV’s engineering mastermind Vauban is one of the villages that you don’t want to miss during your trip to the Île de Ré.

Le Moulin de Moreau
The stables of Le Moulin de Moreau offer an array of magnificent rides amid vineyards and forests or along the shoreline straddling the Île de Ré. Take a moment by the sea with your noble steed to watch the sun rise or simply rest for a few minutes.